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Whistle Posts West;
Railway Tales From British Columbia, Alberta and Yukon.

Co-authored by Rick Antonson, Mary Trainer and Brian Antonson

“If there is one thing I have learned,” writes Don Evans, President Emeritus of the West Coast Railway Association, in his foreword, “it is that everyone has a train story.” Whistle Posts West is a collection of some of the greatest train stories ever compiled in Western Canada, spanning 150 years of ingenuity and intrigue, grit and glory, and disasters and close coals. Join Mary Trainer, Brian Antonson, and Rick Antonson—authors of the Canadian bestseller Slumach’s Gold—as they share their lifelong passion for all things railway-related. Having grown up with the echoes of steam-train whistles, they bring to life everything from the smoke-pubbing locomotives that chugged along the Kettle Valley Railway to the revitalization of the stately Royal Hudson to gripping tales of train robberies and the fascinating business of determining routes and laying down tracks. Whistle Posts West captures the excitement, allure and enterprising spirit that has inspired over a century of railway adventurers—and it is sure to inspire readers to hop aboard and enjoy the ride.

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Eight weeks on the Vancouver Sun’s BC Books Bestseller List.
10 weeks on the BC Book Publishers Bestseller List.

“Terrific stories about the lure and impact of railroading in Canada.”
Mike Harcourt former premier of BC and former railroader

“This book will become a classic.”
Herb Dixon President, Alberta Railway Museum

Whistle Posts West is a must-read for serious train buffs and arm- chair rail travellers alike.”
Garry Marchant author of The Peace Correspondent

“Read Whistle Posts West and jump aboard Canada’s love affair with trains.”
Don Waite author of British Columbia and Yukon Gold Hunters

“I wish to congratulate Mary Trainer, Brian Antonson, and Rick Antonson on their fine job. Their work and research will trigger many memories in the minds of those of us with a railroad back- ground.”
Harry Home Member, Canadian Railway Hall of Fame

Slumach's Gold:
In Search of a Legend

Co-authored by Rick Antonson, Mary Trainer and Brian Antonson
Publication Date: October 2007

The background story behind the popular t.v. series Curse of the Frozen Gold as seen on Animal Planet and History Chanel.

Slumach's Gold chronicles what is possibly Canada's greatest lost mine story. It searches out the truth behind a Salish man's hanging for murder in 1891 and tracks the intriguing legend about him that grew after his death. It was a legend that turned into a drama of international fascination when Slumach-the hanged criminal-was mysteriously linked to gold nuggets "the size of walnuts." The stories claimed that Slumach had placed a curse on a hidden mother lode to protect it from interlopers and trespassers just before he plunged to his death "at the wrong end of a five-strand rope." Although many have attempted to find Slumach's gold over the past 100 years, following tantalizing clues that are part of the legend itself, none have succeeded-or have they?

Rick Antonson, Mary Trainer and Brian Antonson have diligently sifted through history and myth, separating fact from fiction, but leaving the legend intact-along with the promise of gold yet to be found by some future gold seeker.

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Co-authors Mary Trainer, Rick Antonson and Brian Antonson in 1972 began collaborating on books about British Columbia. By 2016, Slumach's Gold had over 22,000 copies in print, having long ago established itself as a bestseller. In the 1970s the trio decided to form a publishng company, Nunaga Publishing (from the Inuit word meaning "My land, My country"). Nunaga went on to publish many authors and some 25 titles before being sold to Douglas & McIntyre in 1978. 

Brian and Rick Antonson in a Vancouver Province photograph around the time when they were staking mineral claims north of Pitt Lake, still looking for a gold find. They'd recently been up on North Pitt RIver with the actors and crew filming "Curse of the Frozen Gold" a television series that has since been broadcast on The History Chanel in Canada and on Animal Planet in the USA; they made a guest appearance in the show's third episode. The book Slumach's Gold provides the backstory to the legend that the series explores.

This book first appeared in 1972 by the then young writing partnership of Mary Trainer, Rick Antonson and Brian Antonson. That edition was only 56 pages and with a saddle-stitched binding but it captured wide readership and media attention and went on to sell 10,000 copies in various editions. 

The Fraser Valley

Co-authored by Rick Antonson Bob Herger
Publication Date: 1981

A visually stunning book. With text by Rick and photographs by Bob Herger, this book received wonderful attention when published in 1981 as both a hard cover and soft cover book. It provides rich history of the Fraser River and the valley it created. Colour photographs throughout accompanied by Antonson’s fresh perspective. This book is out of print, having sold its entire 1981 print run of 10,000 copies.

This book is out of print, having sold it's entire 1981 print run of 10,000 copies.

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